Dedicated Development model

Dedicated development team model is a full time and cost effective service which we will do with the clients for long time basis. In this model we will develop client’s projects and give maintenance support, testing of client’s technology products for a time period. A dedicated development team will assigned for a single clients and on the mean time they will not work in any other projects. This model is appropriate for those clients who are looking for long time support with minimizing cost. This model is also helpful to eliminate business risks because the team is responsible to follow client’s guidelines and methodology for software development or any IT issues and client’s involvement always will be there.

Nexway360 Managed Dedicated Team

In this model clients wants to get all type IT service for their project and we fully consider and analysis clients project requirement and other needs. Then we build up a team for end-to-end coverage of our clients project. We actually take care all our clients decision and needs in dedicated team model. Also client is directly involve in this model to see the project progress time to time and till the end of the project.

Client Managed Dedicated Team

Our client-managed dedicated team model is a popular model to mostly foreign clients. In this model we help on clients ongoing project by providing a project manager, who is a specialist in the required field, The project manager is responsible to fullfill cleints needs with a cost effective way, And in the last the stage before completing the payment issues another executive get involve in this clients project to see is the clients need and projects requirment fully filled or not and that executive also take care about client satisfaction for the project.