We believe that some startups have the potential to create thousands of jobs and add value to the economy. The purpose of this package is to encourage entrepreneurship.

We have thought a lot and sacrificed our profit in a massive way just to create some good examples of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. We launched an exclusive package for them in this journey. Our motive is to boost up entrepreneurs for their startups ,

The package we are offering is something you can’t even think of , and unbelievably reasonable.

Our Startup Branding Package includes:-

  1. Website name (
  2. E-commerce / innovation’s website Design.
  3. Hosting
  4. One time Content Management(Publishing )
  5. Logo ( Your concept, our implementation )
  6. Business/ Visiting Card.
  7. Brochure / hand leaflet.
  8. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page banner.
  9. 1 year internal maintenance support.

It is a golden opportunity for the startups, if you are determined to be a leading entrepreneur. Grab this opportunity as soon as possible !