NEXWAY360 is a good place for startups, we have experience in helping startups in their IT needs, and today we are proud partner of some startup companies. We helps startups from idea to business, we also provide contract basis longtime support.

With a best deal we try to fit a startup package based on entrepreneur situation and objectives of idea. Our startup package covers all the bases you need to get going.
Here is a draft of our package details, this package can be modified based on entrepreneurs plan and needs.

  • Business logo and brand identity
  • Business cards
  • Website development and domain, hosting
  • Social media account setup and management training.
  • Dedicated support executive for time period.
  • For better ROI we do guidance on promoting your business.
  • Now question may arise from you that what’s great about this package ? We believe that the more you provide the more you will get! For that we always try to provide our best to our clients and mostly startups.
  • Here is something great about this package:-
  • Free 2 day’s (2-3hours per day) consultation to discuss about your business needs, ideas and objectives.
  • We provide tailored service to your exact needs.
  • Startup package is unique to you and your business
  • We always sincere about entrepreneurs idea and plan, for what we maintain startups privacy. jargon and explain any necessary techie terms
  • In startup package your marketing content and business identity is created at the same time to keep up a consistent look for long time.
  • Mobile friendly and all device friendly development also included in this service.
  • Business content writing, Most of the time entrepreneurs provide their own created content, but if not, then we are able to write business content as per the entrepreneurs direction and requirements.
  • SEO(search engine optimization) friendly website development is included in startup package, SEO helps your business to come top of the online search results.
  • AND above are all about our STARTUP PACKAGE.